Terms & Conditions

1. Unless agreed otherwise, quotations are valid for the current month plus 1 month.
2. Unless stated otherwise, all prices are in euros, severe recessions in the world economy excepted, in particular in the US dollar/euro exchange rate, as well as any additional charges due to conflicts, congestion and other unspecified and unforeseen circumstances.
3. Insurance for the goods may only be arranged at the written request of the customer and is never included in the price. In many cases it is advisable to take out goods in transit insurance, in particular because this covers general average. General average may be declared where expenses are incurred in the event of an emergency to save the ship and cargo. The loss is shared proportionately by all parties with a financial interest in the voyage. This is in contrast to particular average where only the cargo losses play a role.
4. Terms of payment: Payment terms of 14 days of the date of shipment apply to all services, but in any case on issue of the cargo documentation (bill of lading), or before delivery of the goods.
5. Customs inspections involving scans and physical verifications are becoming a more frequent occurrence and are outside our control. Resultant additional costs that arise, such as costs associated with the scan, additional journeys, waiting costs and terminal handling charges have to be charged to the customer in full. In addition, containers often need to undergo a gas analysis test before they can be opened.