How we work

We provide contact with the supplier directly

We take care of all customers worries
from A to Z


We arrange the shipment from start to end. ELTE takes care of the complete process.

1 Contact

The customer calls ELTE and informs them where they made their purchase


2 Supplier

ELTE contacts the supplier


3 Customs Facilities

We take care of the customs facilities (the documents for the loading port)


4 Loading Port

Transport from the supplier to the loading port


5 Port of Discharge

Transport from the loading port to the port of discharge, including all the needed documents


Documents make it easier to import products to the country of the port of discharge African countries change import licenses regularly, but ELTE always keeps informed of the current situations and takes care of this for the customer directly

At the airport, ELTE ships from loading airport to airport of discharge. When necessary, we also pick up from location to deliver to the loading airport. We never deliver further than the port of discharge.

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