RoRo Shipping

RORO shipping (roll-on/roll-off) is a special type of shipping where the load is driven onto and off the ship. This is a good option primarily for vehicles with large dimensions and for heavy loads. The advantage of RORO shipping is that cargo can be quickly loaded and unloaded with minimal risk of damage. We work with all the best shipping companies in the business who will take every care in transporting your RORO shipment and project shipment from A to B!

Depending on the materials, sea freight for RORO shipment is calculated per item (cars/buses), per metre length or per cubic metre. This depends in part on the navigation area and the availability of RORO tonnage. It is often cheaper to transport your vehicle by RORO.

What do we move? Cars, vans, trucks, trailers and heavy machinery.

We take care of the whole process, from:

  • Advising you on how best to transport the shipment
  • Arranging transport to the required departure port
  • Pickup of the shipment from your chosen address
  • Customs formalities, to
  • Insurance options for your goods during shipment